Cruel Reasons Why Does Couple Relationship Breakdown So Early

Relationships nowadays are quite complicated. Some relationship is a bucket of trust and loyalty and for some it’s just sharing passwords of Facebook and whats-app. Nowadays teens often celebrate their 1 month anniversary. Sounds funny right, Because they really don’t think that this relationship is gonna last till one year also. so Why Does Couple Relationship Breakdown so early?

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Why Does Couple Relationship breakdown So Early

The reasons for a relationship to break down can be vast. Now a day many couples break up just because they didn’t received each others call or maybe their call was on a engage tone since for a long time. Do you really consider these reasons for breaking up?
When we break a relationship, it’s not only that relationships breaks, It breaks that person also. The habits that they had together, the smiles that they shared together, those scars that they opened to each other of worst past also breaks. Life really stops for sometimes. Real relationships never breaks and even if for some reason the relationship might come on a stage to break but we need to hold each other very strong. Don’t worry I got your back is important.

Judge very Quickly and truth starts showing

Nowadays people actually don’t understand that why they are in a relationships with someone. Just because she is hard core fan of EDM and marvel, we share same taste of movie and music doesn’t means that you love her. Being in a relationship actually means being in love. Lust and infatuation are the feelings that you never get when you love someone.

Why Does Couple Relationship Breakdown

You Start thinking that you are owing him

Priorities changes after you get involve in a relationship. Picking you your every call is not that important but having a total whole day conversation at night is important. The more you communicate with that person the more you learn things about him. Giving each other time and person space is also very important in relationship.

When you give a person his own personal space they feel light, Even that person cannot lose his own self while running behind his responsibilities in relationship. We must feel equal when we are in relationship. Every work and problem even the financial crisis be going to balanced every shoulder to shoulder. Care and respect should always tackle ego.

Why Does Couple Relationship Breakdown

Start Thinking Crush is Love

Not always the Beard is considered as a Hot and Handsome. A man with loyalty and ethics attract more. If you haven’t been in a relationship more than 1 or 2 months after a recent breakup that means you are not cool man. A crush, a lover should always be ready in today’s life,you might need a new lover anytime.

Why Does Couple Relationship Breakdown

Forward a Lust into Love

In today’s world we actually don’t know what does it means to be in a relationship with the person whom you love or like maybe. Lust does a perfect job in today’s relationship. If you find her booty hot, you love her. If she is the perfect size which you like than you love her, If he is mamma’s boy than he will love me.

Reasons Why Does Couple Relationship Breakdown So Early

Couple Relationship Means

Relationship means to respect each other views and difference but not not losing your own perspective of seeing things. Everyone fights in a relationship but fights should never affect the beauty of your love life.

Relationship means marring each other and saying stories to your children that how I met your mother. Being in love or Being in a relationship means to stick more tight together when drifting apart.

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What Exactly the Being in Relationship Means?

The actually meaning of being in a relationship is loving and caring for someone beyond limits. The kinda of relationship that our mother father share with each other. Relationship with means to share sorrows and joys at the same time. To protect and to have the courage of pointing out each other at wrong time. Being in relationship means being in love madly with each other.

To wait for each other till finally you get married to each other.

To be there in sickness and in health.

To be the bright sunlight of each other if we had a thunder of arguments recently in night.

To ask each other how was your day even if you are tired.

To kiss forehead first than lips.

To touch each others soul rather than touching body first.


In a real relationship, Nothing is planned. It’s never like a fairy tale that would end with “And then they live happily ever after”. The real struggle is to love each other unconditionally everyday like its the first time. Being in a relationship doesn’t means to Love many people, It means to fall in love with the same person again and again with the first day effort.

If you has a Recent fight with your loved one just call them once, Tell sorry and Tell them that I love you because being in a relationship means being Blessed with a person who is more blessed than you.