Difference between Love and Lust – To Know It’s Love or Just Lust

Difference between Love and Lust are two aspects of a relationship. Love is when you actually feel some feelings for a person. Like suddenly your heart beats pumps faster when you see them. But Lust is when you get the same feeling when you are just getting intimate with them. But how can we actually recognize what is actually love or lust??

Difference between Love and Lust

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Difference between Love and Lust – To Know its Love or Just Lust

The touch of Faith

The faith of touch is when a person touches you soul instead of your body. A touch which fastens your heart beats but doesn’t feels harsh. A touch which is gentle, pure and respectful and which is beyond words, which can only be felt.

Difference between Love and Lust

But, whereas things are where different in lust. You get the same feelings when you see a guy or girl which exactly you get when you are with the person you love.

Never hold their hands gently, you always try to hold their hand in an appropriate ways just to touch their body.

You never gently kiss and hug them. They only way you find is just to touch their body. Love is always measured by a forehead kiss, a kiss which is free of Lust and full of care and gentleness.

Difference between Love and Lust

You are extremely possessive

There is a Hindi saying which defines this things is that “A thief always looks at other people as in they are thief only”. It means that if you are wrong somewhere you will always find that other person will be wrong too also.

Difference between Love and Lust

Even if their calls comes engage for a moment too. You gets so frustrated and tell them to send screenshots of even the highest level can be they will even call the mobiles company to get their calls list.

Whereas in Love a small message like “TTYL” can patiently make them wait for hours for that person because you trust them, that’s where love stands and Lust falls.

Difference between Love and Lust

You hold them so tight by your thoughts

Don’t go out with your friends or family, Why are you five minutes, Why your number was continuously engaged and much more, They are so demanding and negative. They make you feel bad about even why are you smiling, is that just to attract guys, why your lipstick is so dark want to look tempting to others?? Lust has no boundaries for words. They can just go worst and worst.

But where in love you understand their requirements and priorities. You give them space because you know what exactly happens when you are caged. You love them as how they are.

Difference between Love and Lust

Conclusion for Difference Between Love and Lust

We all have lust feelings, but they have a slight difference. Love and Lust at the same person at a same time is every good or bad feeling. You always respect them. You have a pure heart and a pure feeling called love which is reserved only for a single person. A person whom you love more than anything.

It is something difficult to segregate love and Lust in a relationship, but if you are in such a confusion all you have to do is just close your eyes and think about a happy moment. If you can see them with you in that moment that means you love them, and if you don’t see them it means that the search is still about to be continued.