Why India is the most depressed country

India has been declared as the most depressed country in the world. And let’s make it clear Indians are really depressed, the least happy. It is a stigma because we give more importance to our community and not to an individual. We are more concerned about “what people will think?”. Depression is a very common ailment these days and yet people fail to realize the intensity of it.

Why India is the most depressed country

Yes, I do apart from the study conducted, there’s a live example- when I shuttle around my city, all I see grim faces, not bothered to listen or to see around, all are some dull faces commuting in a hurry. Rarely I find someone with sparkling eyes, eager to get to their job and places. I don’t know if that’s depression but even I can point that it isn’t exactly happiness.

Why India is the most depressed country

It is not just a state of being sad, depression is so painful that it controls the person from not being able to express the simplest of thoughts, which often leads to withdrawal from the reality and loss of words to express their feelings. Depression leads to loss of identity!

So, India is really depressed, but exactly Why?

The fault is of everyone’s in my opinion from the parents who kept stressing themselves on children, the child who couldn’t spoke his heart, the girl who let go of herself in the norms of society, the society who judged every aspect without thinking and finally the man who accepted that judgement.

Why India is the most depressed countryThere can be some great rumination why thousands of students at mere sixteen years of age commits suicide every year in Kota, Rajasthan. But, people just don’t want to address themselves and realise they might be the one at fault, maybe they have chosen the wrong way, ideas or beliefs. The proletariats have yielded the idea of thinking about themselves since the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century and have become a slave to the system, worried about their existence if they altered the path, changed to something new.

If you still dare marry someone of your choice and God forbid if your spouse is from some other caste or religion you may become target for an honour killing. So before we love someone we have to be like, “What is your religion? Which caste do you belong to? What Gotra? ” Blah Blah Blah

The most depressed country

They are succumbed to these beliefs or ideas and are too uneducated or afraid to come out of their shell and speak for themselves. They lack a proper push, a good advice, a better education and a greater society. However, the far cry is people not realising the fault, not addressing the situation, but continuing the cycle and that’s where I would suggest where the real problem lies, the root of why India is the most depressed. Until this root is rooted out, I am afraid we are stuck with the title of India being the most depressed country.

Why India is the most depressed country

Because a vast majority still thinks “Log Kya Kahenge”.

At the end, the quality of life is not good because we do not reward ourselves for all the hard work. All we want is money and it blinds our sense of happiness and living.