Instagram Limit to Accept Follow Requests

As per the experience of some of Instagram users, Instagram is deleting requests of those accounts who are migrating public to private and vice-versa very often. Kindly accept all your pending requests before switching to public or business profile. Although there is no such update in the developers documentation, so this might be temporary. Stay tuned. We will inform you asap if there is any such update.

Instagram Limit to Accept Follow Requests

“We’ve added limitations to accounts that switch often between private and public to protect our community from inauthentic engagement. You reached the limit of follow requests you can accept for now because your account is private. By making your account public, anyone can follow you but you will lose your pending follow requests.”

Instagram Limit to accept Follow Requests

Solution for Instagram Limit to Accept Follow Requests

đź„Ż Users who keep their profile private always need not to worry and can continue staying private and accepting requests without any issue.

đź„Ż Users may avoid making there accounts business and skipping the clock 2hrs ahead for accessing the swipe up feature.

Take Precaution for Limit to Accept Follow Requests

Before doing any swipe up (convert to public) , accept all pending requests.(i suggest use option accept all so it automatically accept every 75 min for you and your request wont be deleted)

As if u haven’t shift public private too much than you will not face any issue in accepting requests

If your account has issue related to Request Limitation. All the user’s make their profile public and accept all your requests, make sure you don’t make your profile private unless you accept all your requests because Instagram will automatically decline the pending requests.

Instagram Limit to accept Follow Requests

Suggestion to Accept Follow Requests on Instagram

I will say please accept all pending requests before you loose them but maintain that 75 min gap between every max 5K request. Please do not make account public till all pending requests is accepted.