Marital Rape is not a Crime in India why?

India, A place where it is said that women are praised.Place where a women purity is considered to be as pure as sacred Ganga. A place where women is considered as Goddess As Sita. But in reality its all old saying. This is a place people washes their sins in holy Ganga considered as sin free.A place where Goddess Durga is been praised for 9 days and the next we find a Saraswati being raped but also a place where Marital Rape is not a Crime in India.

What is Marital Rape In India?

Marital Rape is also such a curse in Indian society. Basically martial rape means to have forcefully physical relation with your wife without her permission.

Marital Rape

Why Marital Rape is not a Crime in India?

If rape done before marriage than it is considered as RAPE, but why not after marriage. A rape is a rape only even it is done after marriage. The best reason for this kind of mentality in India is lack of education. Not only the society but even even a woman is not aware about the situation. She is not aware that is in some serious trouble. If a woman who lacks education is married to a guy much older than her than she would be absolutely okay with it because she is not aware about that its a crime.

Many people in India thinks that if a girl is married to you, you are the owner of her body. You can do anything with her you want. Touch her, harass her, remove your frustration on her body but she is expected to be silent in these situations because she is a woman.

The basic knowledge about the marriage which is feed in her mid is that KEEP YOUR HUSBAND ALWAYS HAPPY AND LET HIM DO WHATEVER HE WANTS TO DO WITH YOU BECAUSE HE IS YOUR HUSBAND, That’s it. Humanity dies here only. And these kinds of guys in future are also blessed with girl child only so that they cn now learn a lesson that how does it will feel when same things will happen with your own daughter. Many of these peoples abort girl child because she is a burden on them. Seeking pleasure from a woman forcefully is not guilt but having a girl child is.

Marital Rape

But Why Marital Rape is not Considered as RAPE??

Rape after marriage is not considered as a Martial Rape Because our teaching are only wrong. We always teach our girls

  1. To make your husband happy
  2. Give your Husband whatever he wants
  3. Respect your Husband commands

But why don’t we teach the boys that RESPECT YOUR WIFE. Respect in any relationship is important. Instead of giving him 99 Tips on how to get physical for the first time, teach him DO NOT TOUCH HER TILL SHE SAYS YES OR STILL SHE ACCEPTS YOUR TOUCH. No, we cant teach this right? then what about the manhood? I am a man, I have ego, she has to accept everything as i say.

Marital Rape

This is the lack of Right Education. The story doesn’t ends here. Not only in small towns even in modern city many women sufferers from marital rape. They are educated then why? Just because what will the society think?

How Society is Responsible for Marital Rape?

The real monster is the society. What is happening with us is not important, what society will think is important. A woman will die quiet after suffering from marital rape but she wont open her mouth about it because of the society.

Society is nothing but US only.We all together all are the different phases of society.The good as well as the bad.

The things we need to change now is your ownself .Our own thinking regarding these things.The more we create awareness about marital rape,the more will people come to know that marital rape is also a crime not a pleasure.If we change our mentality and educate others also maybe someday a uneduated woman will also come to know that she is into some serious problem.

A woman after marriage leave her home,her parents everything and comes to her husband’s house. Instead of respecting her sacrifices, he tries to take forcefully pleasure from her.


Woman needs love,not lust. Respect Her, Devote her because you are here in this world because of a woman only.

Preventive are taken by the government to Stop Marital Rape

The 172nd Law Commission report had made the following recommendations for substantial change in the law with regard to rape. Explanation (2) of section 375 of IPC should be deleted. Forced sexual intercourse by a husband with his wife should be treated equally as an offence just as any physical violence by a husband against the wife is treated as an offence. On the same reasoning, section 376 A was to be deleted.

Under the Indian Evidence Act (IEA), when alleged that a victim consented to the sexual act and it is denied, the court shall presume it to be so.