How to Call Girlfriend’s Best Friend

If your girlfriend has a male best friend and she is spending more time with his best friend, you must be jealous of this. If yes, then you are at amazing place to know the best name to call your girlfriend’s Best Friend.

Here are some name you can call girlfriend’s Male Best Friend. These name were feel you calm while calling to her best-friend. Because the list below are the names which extracted from the boyfriend’s deep heart.

How to call Girlfriend’s Best Friend

# Bhosdika

Bosdika is the name you can call him sometime. This name make you fell relief and calm. He is the one who can seek all your girlfriend attention in seconds

# Half Boyfriend

Half Boyfriend is the name for your Girlfriend’s Best Friend because his best friend is always with your girlfriend as he is hey boyfriend. Sometimes Best friend is more close then boyfriend. So, be aware from your Girlfriend’s Best Friend.

Name for Call Girlfriends Best Friend

# Jhatu

Jhatu is the word means “no use” and the Girlfriend’s Best Friend is of no use for you. Best friend is the guy, who never be yours friend.

# Chella

Chella means “Loyal to someone”. Girlfriend’s Best Friend is always loyal to your girlfriend. Never ever tell your secrets to your Girlfriend’s Best Friend.

# Ghoda

Ghoda is the perfect title for Girlfriend’s Best Friend because he will do things which your girlfriend likes as like ghoda. There is no difference in your point of view between Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend and #ghoda.

How to Call Girlfriend's Best Friend

Be aware with your girlfriend’s best friend. Share the name You are calling to girlfriend’s best friend.