Reasons Why Love Marriage are unsuccessful

Marriage is a bond that ties souls for lifetime not the body. Marriage is a relationship where you both are at equal level of understanding and responsibly. A marriage cannot be described in words as it is the most purest form of love. But some people changes after they married and there relationship come towards a new part of life. 

There is the very common issue in love marriage, which affect the relationship of love marriage.

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Why most of the love marriages are unsuccessful

# Loyalty Issues

Loyalty issue is the basic thing to make your marriages unsuccessful or fails. It’s because when you go for a love marriage, you have at least spend a year or more years with him in a relationship. Just because of that you sometimes get bored of him and you start to find no new things between you and him. You start comparing him with his past behavior like how he was with you when you guys were in a relationship. Basically you start to find no new things, so you start falling for the other things which attracts you.

Even when you are married, you will start comparing your relationship with any girlfriend or boyfriend couple and you will feel that they have more love and passion than yours relationship. But whereas in real life, marriage requires to fall in love with the same person again and again. That’s how things work.

Reasons Why Love Marriage Fails

# Insecurity And Misunderstanding

These worms can decay all the parts of your beautiful marriage lives. Even after being married, you have insecurity for him. Sometimes you feel that his past will come in his life,he will leave you or anything else. Even getting your calls engage makes you feel nervous. Many love marriage are unsuccessful and breaks even due to this reasons too.

# Over Friendliness

Where friendship comes, there is no bonds for respect. When you have a love marriage, eventually friendship is also involved in that but after you are married it’s really important to keep some space and respect in marriage. In many love marriages the spouse disrespects the other spouse as in a way of friendship but in marriage no matter how good friends you are, respect should never be taken for granted .Disrespecting your partner in front of family and relatives and friends can be a very big reason for a unsuccessful love marriage.

Reasons Why Love Marriage Fails

# Different Tradition

Different Tradition is also a very big reason for breaking of love marriages. When you do a love marriage, starting from your food till work shipping god, every custom changes. In the starting of the marriage, it is more for the female as we all know she is somewhere in the danger of “What will society say”. She has to change from her clothes till the she way speaks. Sometimes in these pressures couple decides to quit rather than to face it.

# Communication Gaps

there is no relationship without communication too. Communication is important even though you guys stay together, sleep together. In today’s busy world where all are struggling from many other problems, lack of communication is also a problem between husband and wife. Due to busy working schedules they even don’t get time in the night to talk with each other, to share things. Responsibilities somewhere lowers the graph of priority in these situations

Reasons Why Love Marriage are unsuccessful

These are the problems which make your love marriage unsuccessful. Never make these issue in your relationship.