Signs your Partner is Double Dating and Cheating on You

Double Dating and Cheating are not good in relationship. But, Love plays a very crucial part in your lives. Relationship are just like glass, once broken cannot be mend again. Trust and loyalty are best friends of love and relationships. Where many people believe in true love, some people believe in double dating. How to Know you are being double dated in a relationship or your partner is double dating and cheating you.

Double dating actually means to cheating. You are in a relationships with two people at a same time. Nowadays generation really thinks that double dating is really cool but in reality double dating is worst. It means that you are playing with feelings of two people. But how does one understands that he or she is a victim of double dating??

So here are the Signs your Partner is Double Dating and cheating on you.

Signs your Partner is Double Dating and Cheating on You

# Much of explanation

The person who is double dating will give you much more explanations for little things Also just to satisfy themselves that you aren’t aware about anything. For example if once you got their call engage, and they might be talking to the other person to whom he or she might be double dating they will give you a very big story just make you believe in their lies.

# They feel Restless Always

Double dating people always have fear of being caught. If any time you suddenly ask them or text them that “We need to talk!” They will scared the shit out of everything and would desperately ask you what happened, what happened till the time you won’t tell them the trust. They would always think that the are about to be caught in double dating.

Signs your Partner is Double Dating

# Ignore You For No Reasons

They will neglect your calls randomly without any reason because they have already one more person in the game. It doesn’t matters if they call you back or not what really matters is that they are not at all interested in you and your love story. They are just double dating and doing time pass with you.

Signs your Partner is Double Dating

# Lust will takeover on Love

No matter how much hard you try to love them, they will always have only one feeling for you, That is Lust. Even when they hold your hand you can very sharply smell the Lust in their eyes for you.

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# Don’t Share Their Life

The most heartbreaking truth of double dating is that they don’t love you. The hugs, the kisses, the warmth of love is nothing but just a big lie. He would never share their day schedules with you because he know’s that by mistake they can spill the truth of the other person also.

They won’t share their personal problems with you because they always have to remember that what story they had told the other one also. They need to keep their mouths shut always.

# Over Possessiveness

Tough they own are cheating on you, they will have a very possessive behavior and control on you. They won’t let you talk with other guys. Getting your calls busy will pissed them off.

Signs your Partner is Double Dating

Whenever you find yourself in such situations just once get crosscheck that you are not a victim of being double dated. Love in the world is true, but some people around you are so fake.