Things Guys Notice about Girls

Things Guys Notice about Girls, Who says that all that a boy needs in a girl is that she should look hot and should have a ravishing Figure. But reality is totally different from this. Not all boys needs figure and hotness, but all they need is a girl who is similar according to their imagination. But how can a girl understand that what exactly a boy sees in a girl?

Things Guys Notice about Girls

Her Eyes

The purity of the heart reflects in eyes. Eyes never lie. They shows the truth in them. A boy usually notices a girl’s eyes. Girls, it doesn’t means that he would be impressed by your eyeliner or Kohl eyes, instead is would be in love with the eyes who speak out truth from them. The eyes that shows respect and well as love in them for him.

Her Smile

Smile is the thing that travels straight in heart. The way you smile also attracts a boy,and also the most important thing is for whom is that Smile .After eye contact smile is the second thing that connects two known and unknown hearts. Also a boy should preserve that smile of the girl always. It’s his responsibility to take care if her Smile always.

The Way a Girl Behaves With Her Parents

We can never judge a girl by her behavior around people in surroundings because her moods swings within the fraction of seconds according to the situations. Today’s Girl’s generation mostly portrays themselves hard to love and very arrogant but that is only to keep themselves fearless and bold, but with their parents they are pure. They way they behave with their parents is shows what they are in real. The way they respect and behave, the way they talk with them attracts a boy, as he gets a satisfaction that she will also behave the same with his parents too.

Her caring nature

A girl with a caring nature is the best. No matter, how hard is the situation, or how badly you have fought, she will always care for you. She will be extremely concerned in times when you are sick, and skip meals or when you don’t call her. Somewhere at a point she will make you realize that after your mother she is the next person in your life who care for you same as your mother does.

Things Guys Notice about Girls

Great Understanding

It is very Important for a girl to be understanding. Because when you are in a relationship with someone, things changes from person to person. You come from different backgrounds together under one roof called love. But the train of love runs smoothly on the tracks of understanding. A boy will always see is girl who has lack of ego and more of understanding.

The real You

There are many misunderstanding regarding boys mentality. Some girls think that they need only their body and some think, will judge them according to their clothes. They will judge her if she drinks alcohol or cigarette or by the number of her male friends. All a boy need is a girl who will love him in all situations. A girl who will respects his parents like he does and will never get possessive about his female friends. A girl who will respect him always, a girl who will become his best friend.

Things Guys Notice about Girls

Boys also have a very pure but all he needs a girl who will love him always forever.