Vladimir Putin is Getting Viral with his TV Show “Moscow Kremlin Putin”

Vladimir Putin is getting a new skill in his Resume after getting the news on the Putin reality TV Show of Vladimir Putin. The new Story is launched on Monday evening focusing on the Russian leaders. This Putin one-hour show, called “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin,” comes as Putin suffers one of his largest dips in popularity for years.

The first one-hour episode allows viewers to follow him as he takes his holiday in Siberia. There he has plenty opportunity to display his virility and there’s even the suggestion he has bears fleeing in fear.

putin reality TV show

Putin Reality TV Show “Moscow Kremlin Putin”

In this Moscow Kremlin Putin TV show the Russia President is exploring their life. Speaking about the inner work of doplomacy teenagers and also attending the funeral of beloved crooner Iosif Kobzon.

The Puting show, is on the Rossiya Number 1 channel. Thousands of Russians are expected to protest across the country. Putin succumbed to rare public pressure last week when he partially revised the pension overhaul in an unusual televised address to the nation.

Reality Show is controlled by Kremlin. On Monday, the Putin say “Dmitry Peskov emphasized that the new show was entirely the creation of the channel”

Then came the moment everyone knew was coming: Putin on a mountain doing outdoorsy things. A camera crew followed Putin as he picked berries and mushrooms, and as he whispered while on a boat so as to not scare away the mountain goats grazing by the shore line.

putin reality TV show

This is all, after all, old hat for Putin. He is going to appears on state television almost on daily basis. None of the President never had his own TV show. Surprisingly Even Trump, doesn’t had any Reality TV show. The Apprentice, has yet to weigh in on the series. Though it’s likely only a matter of time before he becomes its most recapped Person.