What is meant by the hindi term Bakchodi?

Bakchodi is Hindi Word which is equivalent of English slang ‘intellectual masturbation’. People also translate it bak chodi, Backchodi or Bakchodi. It is basically when you spend time gossiping, debating or discussing a topic or range of topics with people who have similar/dissimilar views on the topic for a long period of time.

This article will clear you the real meaning of Bak-chodi. talk of utter stupid whch students do when they are young. After reading this you will not find again what is backchodi?.

Bakchodi - Meaning of bakchodi

What is The Meaning of Bakchodi in Hindi?

In hindi, Bakchodi means “Faltu Bakwa karna” the talks which is of no use for you. and you seems those talks nonsense for this situation. It is the Fart of Nonsense talks called Backchodi. English word for bakchodi is intellectial masturbation both means the same.

“Bak chodi” Title mostly used by North Indian when someone do nonsense talks Exactly like people do in Quora. A kind of Dehati and Bhojpuri slang to figure some one as dumb ass who talk nonsense.

If you actually think of it, Quora is just a platform for Bakchodi where Bakchods from all over the world participate.

  1. What we are doing in Quora it is just Backchodi.
  2. It’s itself can be of highly intellectual level or have very basic undertones.
  3. Backchodi word is commonly used in engineering colleges with cigarettes and alcohol in some cases.

For example:

“Dude, lets do backchodi on China”.

Now this China topic will cover their entire range of history, present policies, impact on the world etc.

Let’s Say: India’s war with China.

Soon the topic of discussion will be Indian Army. And thus the circle keeps moving till the participants of Backchodi or “Backchods” decide to stop Bakchodi.

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